Grass, and other allergies

Last weekend, Divinity’s groomer commented that Divinity was suffering from a grass allergy. Dr. Steve emailed and said grass allergies are very likely. However, pollen, food and other types of allergies will also show up on her feet. I knew she was having allergy problems, however, I was just not sure what was causing them.

Divinity wearing her bootsDivinity’s symptoms included: a crusty body part, and constantly chewing her feet. Dr Steve also found that she had stinky feets.

I performed a web search, and learned that owners of quite a few dogs suffering from grass allergies, buy boots for their dogs which provides comfort from grass allergies.

Allergy problem

Allergy problem

Now Divinity has worn boots for three, of the four years I’ve had her. However, this summer I’ve let her go bare foot most of the time. Since learning about the grass allergy, I’ve been booting my little lady up every time she goes out. Already, there seems to be a significant drop in Divinity’s discomfort.


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