Divinity’s blog – Fourth Anniversary

Today is the fourth anniversary of Divinity’s blog!

Choosing herDinner










This past year has been relaxed, but it has also been exciting.

Since February 25, 2012, Divinity’s blog has had viewers from 61 62 countries (Costa Rica just added to the list).

Favorite posts from this past year include:

* Divinity’s blog becomes a Petties Award finalist

* Divinity’s Pre-Adoption information

* Our Fourth Adoption Anniversary

* Divinity develops a Gopher Deterrent

* The Col Potter Rescue transporting Cairn’s to foster homes

* A Handmade Dog Tag for Dad

* Our Fourth Annual – Mid-Winter, Indoor Camping Trip

* Tink, Divinity, and the rescue of the 12 Holiday Confections

* Divinity’s 13th Birthday!

* Divinity shows off the farm where she lives

Note: This picture was first used in a post published during Divinity’s blog’s first month online. There is a short movie of Divinity choosing her dinner you can watch, and enjoy.

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