Feet in the water dish

For several months, Divinity’s been putting her front feets into her water dish. I thought this was a neat trick, and actually bought a larger dish for her so she could put both feet in the water at the same time, comfortably.

What didn’t click, was that Divinity soaking her feet was contributing to her allergy problems; her wet feet became a breeding ground for bacteria.

Water dishesNow Divinity’s feet are sensitive to begin with, which is why she needs to wear boots. However, adding an allergy/bacterial infection on top of that really added to her discomfort.

I solved the wet foot problem by turning her large water dish over, and placing her small water dish on top. The small dish is now above the level that is comfortable for her to reach up, and put her feet in the water.

Water dishesDr. Steve prescribed Neo-Predef powder that I’ve been putting on Divinity’s feet for the past week. The improvement in her feet has been very noticeable.



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