Can you spot Miss Divinity?

This morning, I made a movie of Divinity during her morning walk. Can you spot her?

At night, or whenever it is dark, Divinity wears a flashing red light that allows me know exactly where she is, at all times.

Find DivinityThis flashing light keeps the “Creatures of the Night” at a distance. In this area of Minnesota, we have foxes, coyotes, and other small animals that would not be friendly to my little lady if they got close.

Not to worry, Divinity is attached to me with a leash in the night-time hours.

Can you locate Divinity during her morning walk? Watch the movie and try your luck at locating her.

Note: At night, I wear a headlamp that lights up the immediate area. However it was turned off to make this video.

Update: The following picture shows a blue bulb hanging from the rear strap on top of Divinity’s harness. This bulb contains the flashing red light you see in the movie.

Blue bulb with red light inside


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