Lavender candle

Lately, Divinity’s been a bit nervous. For more than an hour at bedtime, Divinity’s constantly shuffled between her bed, and mine. This behavior is not only driving her batty, it’s driving me nuts!

Last week while Divinity was having a beauty treatment, her groomer suggested I try burning a lavender candle. Anna, Divinity’s groomer, thought the aroma of lavender might calm my little lady.

Lavender Candle


The next day, as an experiment, I purchased a small(5oz/140g) lavender candle, and every night since then, Divinity has relaxed within 30-minutes of my lighting it!

Lavender Candle

As the aroma from the lavender candle is working, and Divinity has relaxed, I purchased two large (20oz/565g) lavender candles so I’ll have extra’s on hand.


2 responses

  1. Really like your new format. Always enjoy your pictures and stories.
    Poor Miss D, so happy to hear the lavender candle is working. It is my favorite calming scent. She is such a cutie.
    Fay and her girls in CA

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