Four-Wheeling Divinity

Divinity & I went to the Farm Store to buy a few cans of breakfast for her.

While there, Divinity said she wanted to try an ATV. Last time we were there, Divinity hopped up on an ATV, and gave a smile. I had thought of taking her picture at that time, however, I was concerned she might fall, and hurt herself.

Four-Wheeling Divinity

Well today, the nice sales ladies kindly consented to take a few pictures while I held my little lady. Like a dad who holds their offspring when they learn to ride a bicycle with training wheels, I held Divinity.

Divinity was uncertain at first, and wasn’t sure if this ATV was the one for her, but she quickly relaxed, as you can see in the second photo.  Unfortunately, the ATV was a bit too big for Divinity to drive by herself.

Four-Wheeling Divinity


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