Joy Sessions: A farewell photo shoot with beloved pets

From the UK Daily Mail:

“It’s the moment every pet owner dreads – when the time comes when they have to say a final goodbye to a faithful friend.”

“These heart-breaking end-of-life snaps are meant to highlight the special relationship between an owner and their dying pet in its last moments.”

“Sarah Ernhart, the owner of Sarah Beth Photography in Minneapolis, created them in what she dubbed a ‘Joy Session’, in which she records owners’ last embrace with their pets that are too old to live or have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses.”

“The service has become so popular that Mrs Ernhart has built a directory of photographers around the world who shoot terminally ill pets with their owners.”

The beautiful, yet heartbreaking pictures, are meant to highlight the relationship between pet and owner before they pass.

To see some of Sarah’s work, and to learn more about Joy Sessions, click the following link.

Sarah Beth Photography (Minneapolis, MN)

To read the UK Daily Mail article, click HERE


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