A new winter outfit

Divinity has a new winter outfit. After three winters, her original winter suit is well worn, and has been repaired several times. Thankfully, Divinity’s tailor kindly agreed to make her a new winter suit.

While this new suit is not as colorful as the previous outfit which made Divinity look like Superdog, it’s a pretty shade of green, made of much thicker material, and includes a hood. The hood will help keep Divinity’s head, and ears warm when the temperature drops to below zero levels. The hood also has a brim that makes it look like a bonnet!

New Winter SuitAs Divinity ages, cold bothers her more than it did when she was younger. However, cold temperatures have always bothered my little lady.

New Winter SuitDivinity’s new suit is also roomier, and is not as “form-fitting.” The extra room allows for a bit of growth during the winter months. Divinity is not as active in winter as she is during the warmer months, and she tends to “grow” a bit during these periods. I’m not complaining as I grow a bit during the winter myself. Like father, like daughter.

New Winter Suit

7 responses

  1. Divinity, you look just lovely in your new coat. Just a little room to grow with all the Holidays coming up. Love it. Millie, Beamer, Gina and Callie Nicolay in cold GA

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