Winter Bonnet

I thought I’d publish a couple of pictures of Divinity with her “Winter Bonnet” up for everyone to see.

While discussing the design of a new winter suit with Divinity’s personal tailor, I mentioned that a hood would help keep Divinity’s head and ears warm when it really got cold. Well Dianne really outdid herself, and she made the suit with an attached bonnet.

Winter BonnetDivinity’s now so warm she doesn’t want to go back in the house!  Yesterday, it was 15 degrees(f) below zero. I was quite cold, but my little lady wanted to stay outside, and run!

Personally, I think Divinity looks adorable

Winter Bonnet


9 responses

  1. OH MY GOODNESS she is cuter than cute in this and her little bonnet is so unique and PRACTICAL that it totally makes a fashion statement . . . add a little tied on silk flower with a matching ribbon and she can win the Easter Bonnet contest even in the spring.

    Did you treat Minx and Arthur & Colista as wonderful as you do ALL of our little girl Divinity? Is she ever named correctly.


  2. Yes, I treated all my animals quite well. However, Divinity seems to be getting some extra special treatment.

    As for the ribbon for an Easter Bonnet, this suit is way too warm for Easter time. At least I hope by Easter it will have warmed up!

  3. That is just the cutest outfit !
    Happy belated birthday Miss D!
    Thanks for sharing, your blog always brightens the day.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you both.
    Fay and her crew in a cold northern California…but you have it colder….brrr

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