A Christmas Package for Divinity

Divinity received a surprise Christmas package from Danielle, of the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue. Obviously, Divinity did not know this was coming, but then I had no idea either.

Due to hearing loss, over the past few years, Divinity’s lost her desire for squeaky toys. The cause of this is two-fold in that she is gradually losing her hearing due to age (14), however, she also had years of untreated ear infections while in the puppy-mill that caused a lot of damage.

Surprise Christmas giftsOn Divinity’s first visit to Kivisto Vet Clinic, both Dr. Heather, and Dr. Steve examined Divinity’s ears. Because of growth blockage due to infections, neither vet was able to see Divinity’s eardrums. Prior to this, several veterinarians had examined Divinity; all said there was nothing they could do to help her hearing. Fortunately, the wonderful vets at Kivisto managed to treat, and restore some of Divinity’s hearing.

Surprise Christmas gifts

Well what a wonderful Christmas this is; Danielle included a few squeaky toys in the package. As special “early” Christmas treat, I let my little lady play with her presents for a few minutes. However, Divinity didn’t want to stop!  She was having a grand time biting the toys that squeak, and she definitely hears the noise!

Surprise Christmas gifts

Thank you Danielle, and thank you Col Potter. As always, thank you Kivisto Vet Clinic!


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