The Fifth Annual – Mid-Winter, Indoor Camping Trip

As the temperatures tonight are forecast to drop to -31° (-35° C), I thought it an appropriate time for our annual mid-winter, indoor camping trip.

After spending nine years in a cage, Divinity loves the outdoors, and who could blame her!  So every winter around this time I set the tent up in the living room, or a bedroom, and we go camping.

The 5th Mid-Winter Indoor Camping TripTonight, the wind chill factor is expected to drop to a possible -65° (–53.9 C), or maybe even a bit colder. This cold spell follows a very cold December, so I thought I’d give Divinity a two-night camping trip instead of the usual one-night indoor outing.

The 5th Mid-Winter Indoor Camping TripQuite honestly, I enjoy these indoor camping trips as much as Divinity does.

* The Fourth Annual – Mid-Winter, Indoor Camping Trip

* The Third Annual – Mid-Winter, Indoor Camping Trip

* The Second Annual – Mid-Winter, Indoor Camping

* 1st Mid-Winter Indoor Camping Trip

The 5th Mid-Winter Indoor Camping Trip

Updates: As far as the cold is concerned, it wasn’t as bad as predicted. The temperature dropped to only -24° (-31 C), and the wind was only 5 mph. This brought the wind chill factor down to 40 below zero.

Also, after breakfast, and her morning walk, Divinity climbed back in the tent for a well deserved nap.

After breakfast nap


10 responses

    • Right now it’s only -15, so it’s not too bad.

      Divinity & I are spending another night camping!

      Please tell Trev Divinity say’s hello.

  1. Just love to see your camping pictures! Miss D looks so cozy! Thanks for sharing!
    Stay warm, Northern California has been in the 70’s with a drought going on. Your weather makes me shudder.
    Fay and girls

    • We are spending a second night camping out in the bedroom. Divinity’s been in the tent much of the day. She really enjoys sleeping in the tent.

  2. I love hearing about your annual indoor camping trips! Divinity looks very comfy in the tent. I bet she especially likes having Dad sleeping in there with her.

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