A disabled Senior Cairn gets a wheelchair

With the help of the people from the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue, Thornton, a disabled Senior Cairn Terrier is getting a wheelchair to help him move about.

Here is some partial background information on Thornton.

From The Col. Potter Rescue, June, 2012: “We have a new gentleman that has joined Col. Potter. His name is Thornton. He’s a 10 year old handsome, well actually very cute, wheaten guy with a happy disposition. He is an owner surrender due to no fault of his own. In the ideal world when a family gets a puppy, they go through all the stages of puppy, crazy cairn teen, confident adults and easy going mellow guy to wonderful seniors.

The family all grows together and enjoys all that life has to offer. Sadly sometimes the human parents grow apart, sometimes the split becomes permanent. The family unit is broken apart. As hard as people may try to make the transition, now and then there are casualties. Little Thornton was the casualty. With the changes in his human family there was a need for Thornton to find his own new home.”


And again from the Col Potter Rescue, January, 2014: “CPCR alumni Thornton has lost the use of his hind legs and is urgently in need of a wheelchair and sling.”

And from HandicappedPets.com, “A dog cart, or wheelchair for pets can offer a handicapped dog years of joy and freedom. Professionally made dog carts are a significant investment, often costing $300.00 – $500.00. Many of us choose to build our own.”

Well Laura P. jumped into action, went shopping, and along with suggestions from Col. Potter volunteers, here is Thornton’s new cart.

Cart Supplies


Pet Lift

DIY (do it yourself) carts for handicapped pets

Home-made Pet Cart built by Laura P.

Home-made Pet Cart built by Laura P.


Update: Here are three photo’s of the finished cart.

Thornton's Cart


Thornton's Cart


Thornton's Cart

3 responses

  1. Thanks for sharing! Hope this has him zooming soon.
    What a clever idea for Laura to do for him.
    ps. love pictures of Miss D sleeping,too and thought of you both plowing snow as my girls were chewing their fishskins on the deck in 80 degrees here.
    Fay and her girls in CA

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