Miss Divinity’s “Fashion Collection”

I thought I’d write a post showing Miss Divinity wearing her “Clothing Collection.” Miss Divinity’s clothing, and accessories include outfits for weather from very hot, to freeze her paws off temperatures.

Actually, this idea came from Susan, a blogger for the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue. Initially, Susan’s thought was to make a line of clothing for colder weather. However, Divinity’s personal tailor decided otherwise.

Divinity’s outfits include the following:

Tellington TTouch Harness

A Tellington TTouch Harness. Divinity has two of these harnesess, and they are used alone for very hot weather, or over her outfits.


RuffWear WebMaster Harness

RuffWear WebMaster harness. This is the harness Divinity wears for most of the year.


Raincoat from Foggy Mountain Dog Coats

Raincoat from Foggy Mountain Dog Coats.


Hooded Sweatshirt from Dog Gone Gorgeous

Hooded Spring/Fall sweatshirt from “DogGone Gorgeous.”


Mild weather Winter Suit

Mild-weather winter suit from Dianne, LTD.


Mini-Horse blanket from Foggy Mountain Dog Coats

Mini-Horse Blanket from Foggy Mountain Dog Coats.


Cold Weather Winter Suit with Bonnet

Very cold-weather winter suit with bonnet, from Dianne, LTD

Note: Dianne is Divinity’s personal tailor. Unfortunately, Dianne said she is not interested in making outfits commercially.

RuffWear Boots

Divinity usually wears Grip Trex boots from RuffWear that help her tender feet.


At night, Divinity wears a flashing red light to keep the wild creatures at bay. The light is encased inside the blue bulb attached to Divinity’s harness. Actually, since this past Christmas, Divinity now has two flashing lights, so changing from one outfit to another is much easier.

Here are links to the manufactures of Divinity’s outfits, and accessories:


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    • Divinity wore an extra-small WebMaster harness for her weight (17-18 lbs) & length (Divinity had a 14-inch back). A smaller Cairn, say 14 lbs with a 10-12″ back might well fit into an XXS harness best.

      Please check the RuffWear Fit Guide before ordering. This link is provided for you below:

      The WebMaster harness fit well on Divinity’s back, and also provided a “safety handle” for dad to grab, and pick my little lady up when necessary.

      The only “issue” I have with this harness, is that the straps can loosen. I ended up putting a stitch in them after the final adjustment to keep them at their proper length.

      • Thanks for the quick reply. My dog Lucky is actually mostly Jack Russell, but I’m still trying to get a feel for sizing. She’s exactly in between sizes XXS and XS.

      • Try contacting RuffWear and asking them.

        FYI: I just took another look at Divinity’s harness and there is not a lot extra that I could tighten. An XXS might be the size your dog needs.

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