Handicapped Cart pictures, and Orthopedic devices for dogs

OrthoPetsThis post is a continuation of prior posts I’ve written on carts/devices for handicapped dogs:

OrthoPets is a Denver based company that is giving old, and/or handicapped dogs some new hope. OrthoPets specializes in orthotics and prosthetics for injured animals. It is the only company in the world I know of that works only on our four legged friends.

For many pets, braces are second chances when surgery is not an option, or was not successful. Each brace is created specifically for each pet, and handmade to fit perfectly.

“We will take a fiberglass casting of a dogs leg,” and we we turn that casting into a plaster model.”

“After the plaster model is created, they heat a sheet of flat plastic in a convection oven. Then they drape the heated plastic over a the plaster model and begin cutting out the actual brace. After the brace is made, they add hinge components, straps, buckles, and treads.”

“A lot of times owners are willing to do anything that they need. Compared to surgery, it is just a fraction of the cost.”

These devices are expensive, but they are a less expensive than surgery.

To watch a short video on OrthoPets Braces and Prosthetic Devices, click HERE

Update on building your own handicapped cart:

For those who wish to build a cart for their handicapped animal. there are some good photographs on Flicker about building carts for a handicapped pet.

To see these cart pictures, click HERE

Cart Diagram


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