A second Indoor-Camping trip this winter

After writing the last post on Divinity developing Sundowner’s Syndrome, I needed something to cheer me up. Well what better thing to do during a long & harsh winter in Minnesota, then another indoor-camping trip which is one of Divinity’s favourite pastimes!

I just sold the Mountain Hardware Trango 3 tent that Divinity & I have been camping in for 4-1/2 years.  Actually, I owned the tent before Divinity came into my life. The Trango 3 is extremely well made, however, once the rain-fly was on, the tent was not easy to get into, and it was time for something a little easier on these creaky bones.

Corners3 Fly

Mountain Hardware makes high quality products, and I wanted to stay with them if possible. I spotted a Mountain Hardware Corners 3 tent that provided enough room, and allows easier access with the rain-fly in place. I was able to find a new one on sale for much less then I received from the sale of the Trango.

Corners3 Dimensions

Here is a picture of the new tent set up in the bedroom

Mountain Hardware Corners3

Here is a picture of Divinity enjoying her first camp out in the new tent.

Divinity in our new tent


2 responses

  1. Oh, I love camping! We actually just got back from a chilly & damp camping trip in central Florida this past weekend. That is a nice tent…it definitely looks like the access is easier.

  2. I think this tent is going to work well for Divinity & myself.

    Also, right now it’s a sweltering 9 degrees above zero :|

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