Animal Ambassador’s e-newsletter

Divinity & I were mentioned in the latest Animal Ambassadors e-newsletter, from the Animal Humane Society (AHS) here in Minnesota. I suspect this was the work of Patti, the Therapy Dog trainer at AHS for whom I worked. I recently told Patti about the Grey Muzzle Organization.

Divinity had her Canine Good Citizen training, and took the Pet Partners (Delta Society) Therapy Dog test at Golden Valley Humane Society. At that time, Patti said Divinity, at the age of 10, was the third oldest dog in the area to pass the Pet Partners Therapy Dog test. Divinity went from not knowing how to walk on a leash, to becoming a registered Therapy Dog in just ten months!

Therapy Dog Certificate

Divinity with her Therapy Dog Certification, April 2010


The following was copied from the Animal Ambassadors e-newsletter:

“The Grey Muzzle ( is an organization that  rescues senior dogs that need a home. A friend’s blog had this information so I wanted to pass it along.”

“Richard rescued a senior Cairn Terrier named Divinity that had been bred over and over again as a puppy mill mom. She was his first dog!

“Divinity and Richard have a deep bond, which helped her through the transition to a regular home.”

“Eventually they went through the therapy dog class at AHS several years ago, and became  Animal Ambassadors. She is retired now at the age of 12 and enjoying camping, sleeping on her cozy bed, getting great treats and just being a terrier!”

Clarification to the newsletter: Due to hearing loss, at the age of 12, Divinity retired as a Therapy Dog & Animal Ambassador. Divinity retired just over two years ago, and she is now 14 years old.


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