Divinity’s Readership: List of Visitor’s Countries

As of today, February 11, 2014, there have been people from 69 countries visit Divinity’s blog. This is quite a feat, for a little lady, who spent her first nine years in a puppy-mill.

To view the list of countries, click HERE

Note: The Country List page link will be permanently located under the heading “Divinity Links” in the link section of this blog. Links are located on the right side bar on this page. The Country List page will be updated as required.


4 responses

  1. I stumbled upon your blog on Pinterest of all places and have been following along on Miss Divinity’s adventures ever since! I’m the proud mom of Nahbi, a former mill mama who I adopted from Colonel Potter almost 4 years ago. It’s so interesting to see the different paths each dog takes once they are finally freed from mill life. I hope to continue to read about Miss Divinity for a long time coming.

    • Thank you very much!

      It’s amazing what these former puppy-mill refugee’s can accomplish, after they experience freedom.

      Please keep visiting!

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