A Patient Lady

We had quite a snow storm late Thursday, and through the night into Friday morning.

A Patient Lady

A Patient Lady


We received somewhere between 9 – 12 inches (22.86 cm – 30.48 cm) of snow. However, the strong winds that accompanied the storm blew snow everywhere, so it’s uncertain just how much snow we actual received.

Yesterday, I spent many hours shoveling. and plowing. I’d also been out for several hours the day before. Fortunately, Divinity was understanding, and waited for me patiently like a proper little lady.

The path to Divinity's "Private" area

The path to Divinity’s “Private” area


Divinity's "Private" area

Divinity’s “Private” area


Leaving Divinity's potty spot

Leaving Divinity’s potty spot


Divinity inspecting my plowing

Divinity inspecting my plowing


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