Novifit – One month update

After one month on Novifit, Divinity is more alert, active, affectionate, and she is generally just happier. This past week Divinity had her yearly physical; Dr. Steve was thrilled with Divinity’s improvement.

Active again thanks to Novifit

Active again thanks to Novifit


One thing I did change, and this relates directly to Divinity’s pacing. When I first started Divinity on Novifit, I gave it to her in the morning, after nearly a month, her pacing had hardly subsided, so I now give it to her at dinner time.

It has now been one week since the change, and while Divinity still paces, she is pacing less than when I gave her Novifit in the morning.

All in all, I can recommend Novifit for dogs suffering from Dementia.


4 responses

  1. That’s great to hear that the Novifit is helping! I’d heard good things about it in class (I’m in my third year of vet school). I’m curious as to why you decided against starting her on Anipryl (selegiline)? CCD can be a difficult issue to deal with but you seem to be taking it all in stride. Miss Divinity is lucky to have such a caring papa.

    • Both Dr. Heather & Dr. Steve ( Divinity’s vet’s) felt that Novifit was a better match than Anipryl for Divinity.

      As for taking this well… Thanks, but Divinity’s pacing can be trying. I’ve started to hold & give her some rubs which seems to help (a little anyway).

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