End of Winter trip to the Beauty Parlour

Yesterday, Divinity went to see Anna, at Animal House Pet Styling for an end-of-winter beauty treatment. Divinity was in need of a grooming, as she had started to look like a miniature Polar Bear.

Divinity before Grooming

Divinity before Grooming


As usual, Anna did a superb job, and Divinity looks lovely. Actually, after not having her hair done for three months, Divinity now looks a lot smaller.

Waking from her After Grooming Nap

Waking from her After Grooming Nap


2 responses

  1. Miss Divinity looks adorable! What a coincidence as I decided Nahbi was overdue for a haircut and spent some time grooming her yesterday. She looks (and smells) much better now too!

    I’m sorry to hear about your struggles with Divinity’s pacing but I really admire how you’re handling it all. Unfortunately, many owners don’t even realize what’s happening and don’t take their animals to the vet. The fact that you took action and took her to the vet speaks volumes about your care and devotion. I hope I’m not overstepping but we also learned about a few other nutraceuticals that can be used with Novifit that you could always talk to Drs. Heather and Steve about. There have been some promising results seen with Senilife and Neutricks. Always something to consider.

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