A slight change in diet

Fromm's, grain-free, Pork & Peas recipeDivinity has once again gotten fussy about what she eats.

After four years of eating Natural Balance, Grain Free, Venison & Sweet Potato, she wanted no more. Since then I’ve been feeding her Natural Balance Legume & Ducks which she loves.

However, Legume & Ducks makes Divinity poop like crazy, and I feel like I’m picking up after a Doberman, so I don’t want to give it to her for both meals.

Recently, I tried feeding her Natural Balance Duck & Potato (Small Bites) which are also Limited Ingredients, but after a little more than a bag, she was no longer interested.

Last weekend I picked up a bag of Fromm’s, Grain-Free, Pork & Peas Recipe that includes slow-cooked pork, peas and an assortment of hand-picked Polynesian fruits and vegetables including mango, pineapple and melon.

Hopefully, as Divinity likes pork chops, she will be OK with the Pork & Peas Recipe for a while.

2 responses

  1. Hmmm, I used to be a picky Cairn too…that is, until mom switched me to a prepared raw (freeze-dried or frozen) diet. Now, I am never picky and I eat everything from my bowl at each meal. I sure hope you have found a food Divinity will like!

  2. Divinity used to eat everything. Now she might want a change in her diet every month, week, day…

    Actually, Divinity really enjoys the Legumes & Ducks. However, I don’t think it’s a good idea to feed her that twice per day.

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