Divinity’s movies – Moved to a new site

My 1950's Movie Starlet For the past four and a half years, I placed the movies I’ve made of Divinity on my QuarterBredFarm website.

The problem with having the video’s on my QuarterBredFarm site, is that someone needs to actually download the movies to their computer, in order to watch them.

Well that problem is now solved!

Divinity now has her own page on the DailyMotion which is a video site, similar to YouTube.

Now you can watch all of Divinity’s movies simply by clicking on any video that’s been added to her DailyMotion page.



6 responses

    • Having Divinity’s video’s on the DailyMotion should make it much easier for everyone to watch her movies.

  1. What a treat to see Miss Divinity in action! I hadn’t been able to watch any videos until now. She seems like a completely different dog than the one from the video taken in 2009 after her rescue. She’s really blossomed!

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