April 3rd & 4th – more snow, and a trip to the vet

This winter will just not stop. The forecast for the next 36 hours or so, is for something like 12″ to 16″ of snow!

Divinity & I have had enough, and we are both looking forward to warm weather.

This week’s been especially difficult for my little lady. Monday morning I had to take Divinity to see Dr. Steve. After some blood work, and physical exam, Dr. Steve said Divinity has a bacterial infection. Divinity was given some antibiotics which have helped, although she is still quite sick. Divinity has also lost 1/2 pound since her yearly exam that was performed a few weeks ago.

Divinity at the Vets

Divinity in Dr. Steve’s examination room


Divinity is on antibiotics, and had blood work taken which was sent to a lab. The lab results were fortunately OK. Divinity also received an injection of Cerenia.

Other medications include Metronidazole (2x/day), and as of today, because she is having a bit of a relapse, she is getting Metocopram & Trama-Dol HCL, both (3x/day), if I can get her to swallow the pills.

For the near future, Divinity gets to eat hamburgers & white rice. These are normally some of her most favorite foods, but right now, she doesn’t want to eat anything.

As for dad; I’m tired as I’ve been getting up regularly every night since Monday to check on my little lady.


11 responses

  1. A bit late, but I hope Miss D is feeling better. So hard when they aren’t feeling well.
    Thanks for sharing your life with the divine Miss D. I enjoyed your seeing your movies,too.
    By the way, into the 80’s this week in northern California, hope we get more rain.

  2. Unfortunately, Divinity is still a sick little lady.

    However, she’s now eating about half her normal daily amount, which is good. On the down side, she’s hardly drinking, and I’m forced to squirt water into her mouth to keep her hydrated. I use the syringe her vet gave me to administer her antibiotic.

    Glad it’s nice and warm in California. We had 10-12 inches of snow here last Friday.

  3. I’m also a bit late with this comment. Boo for more winter weather and boo for stomach sickies! Hopefully the medications are kicking in and Miss Divinity is feeling a bit more perky today.

    Sometimes it’s hard for me to get Nahbi to drink when she’s feeling under the weather. I’ve tried adding low sodium chicken broth to water and also offered watered-down gatorade in the past. She seems to prefer those to plain old water. It’s always hard to see our fur babies when they’re sick. I wish there was some way we could tell them we’re doing what we can to make them feel better!

    • I’ve also tried Gatorade, but with no success. Like your little guy, Divinity prefers plain water, that is, when she will drink!

    • I think she may have turned the corner, and she seems to be improving.

      This morning she actually ate some kibble mixed with a scrambled egg. This is the first kibble she’s eaten in more than a week.

      • I know you are getting all kinds of helpful hints, so please excuse me. What works here is actually boiling chicken parts and using that broth, it works better then canned broth for my crew. Maybe even ground beef water?
        Thinking you both, it’s not easy on either of you.

      • Divinity seems to like Gatorade’s “Glacier Freeze,” so I’m going to continue using that.

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