Update on Divinity’s intestinal infection

It’s been a hectic week and a half with my little lady being sick.  Divinity’s first trip to the vet this month was on April 1st.

During today’s visit, we picked up some more antibiotic from Dr. Steve. Steve listened patiently to a nerve-racked dad.

Divinity is still not over whatever it is that made her sick, so Dr. Steve felt an additional two weeks of medication was in order.

Over the past two days, Divinity’s health has improved, and she’s once again eating her regular kibble. Unfortunately, Divinity is still hardly drinking, and the amount of water she does drink, is only a small percentage of her normal daily water intake. I’ve been adding to her water intake by slowly squirting water, and Gatorade, into her mouth.

Divinity on a Run

In the hope of making my little lady feel better, we also stopped at Dairy Queen for a hamburgers & pup-cup. By the time we got home, Divinity was feeling much better, and actually went for a short run.

Click on the following image to watch a video I made of Divinity running.


4 responses

  1. Thanks for the great news! So glad she is starting to feel better. Enjoyed seeing the movie of her in her little suit….such a cutie!
    All the best to you both, keeping Miss D in my prayers.
    Fay and her girls

    • Divinity’s started to drink again, on her own. That’s a welcome improvement itself.

      Soon my little lady can once again go out wearing her summer WebMaster harness all the time.

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