Helping Your Dog Cross the Bridge

The following information is from The Grey Muzzle Organization.

End-of-life.  None of us want to think about it until we are forced to.  However, this is a natural and normal part of all our lives.  Below are some resources to guide you through the process.  Please also see our At-Home Euthanasia, Ceremony Ideas, Hospice Care and Quality of Life Assessment Tools pages for additional assistance.

“My Time To Be Strong For Him” – An Article by Maria Stoerrle – The Grey Muzzle Organization’s Education & Outreach Chair, as featured in The Daily

End-of-Life Decisions by Ardeth DeVries – The Grey Muzzle Organization’s Advisory Board Member, courtesy of OldDog Haven

Article “Old Faithfuls” by Connie Schultz – Letting Go

Healing Conversations – What to say when you don’t know what to say book – By Nance Guilmartin

Post a memorial of your dog with pictures on-line

Spirits In Transition Website

Bright Haven Resources

Senior Dog End of Life Articles


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