An exhausted Divinity

After a day and a half of dealing with snow, Divinity is having a well deserved rest.

Miss Divinity Sleeping

Miss Divinity Sleeping


Between yesterday, and last night, we received LOTS of snow. Actually, the previous snow had finally melted, and we had virtually bare ground for the first time since last November, and now this!

April 16th snow

April 16th snow



4 responses

  1. Hi Richard, We had about 5-6 inches here at our house too, yuck, hopefully it will melt with the warm temperatures soon. How is Divinity doing this week? Is she eating more now?

    Hope you both have a “Happy” Easter!!

    Thanks, Patti

    • Divinity is not only eating, but she’s finally started drinking her waters again!

      As for snow, the best estimate of what we got here is somewhere between 14″ to 16″ of snow.

  2. So glad to hear Miss Divinity is feeling better! Hopefully the weather will cooperate and realize that it’s time to spring!

    • Divinity is feeling better, thanks.

      As for the weather, four days after we received 14″ to 16″ of snow, it’s fortunately almost gone!

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