The walk in the park for Spring

One week after we received 14″ to 16″ of snow, it’s all gone, so Divinity & I took the opportunity to have our first walk in the park this spring.

However, it’s quite windy, and the temperature is only 48 degrees (f), so we didn’t stay long.

Spring Walk in the ParkAfterwards, we went for a nice drive in the country, which as you can see in the second picture, Divinity really enjoyed.

First Drive of Spring

Click on the following image to see a video of Divinity enjoying her walk in the park.


10 responses

  1. Sooo happy you are both out having adventures once again! Glad Miss D is feeling better, what a scary time for you both. Actually have the wood stove going again here, with snow in the mts.
    Crazy weather everywhere. Was 88 degrees here on Sunday.
    Fay and crew

  2. What a muffin! That smile! Looks like she’s in pure bliss. So glad she’s on the mend and got to spend some time outdoors.

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