Divinity’s Declining Health

My little lady’s been sick for more than two months now. During April, she was placed on Metronidazole, an antibiotic which helped. However, Divinity finished her rounds of Metronidazole a little more two weeks ago, and since then, her health has gotten worse, much worse.

Recently, Divinity’s lost her appetite, and hardly eats. Regularly, I’ve had to make several versions of each meal, before I find a version she’ll actually eat, at least some of it anyway.

Yesterday, I met with Dr. Steve who is Divinity’s vet, and told him she’d gotten very sick again. I described Divinity’s symptoms, which now include some convulsions/seizures on her left side.


Some background information on Divinity
Divinity spent her first nine years in a puppy-mill, having countless number of puppies. Divinity’s foster-mom calculated that over those nine years, Divinity had probably given birth to at least 60 puppies. Did having all those puppies cause/contribute to this problem? Whether it did or not, it certainly wasn’t good for my little lady.

Dr Steve’s Diagnosis
Dr. Steve said he believes that even if we performed very expensive, and painful invasive tests, that the results would come back stating Divinity has some form of cancer in her lower parts, that no amount of money could cure.

It was decided to put Divinity back on Metronidazole. How long will the Metronidazole work? We have no idea, but it’s the only alternative at the moment.

When Divinity lets me know it’s time, we’ll take our last drive together to see Dr. Steve.

In the meantime, I’m going to make each day for Divinity as pleasant, and as fun as I can. Going for drives in the country, and certainly a camping trip is in order, even if it’s an indoor camping trip. Divinity’s also been fascinated by boats, so I’m going to try and find someone to give her a boat ride.

Next week Divinity & I celebrate our Fifth Adoption Anniversary! Divinity also has an appointment scheduled at the beauty parlour for next week, and I plan many trips to Dairy Queen for hamburgers & Pup-Cups for my little lady.


14 responses

  1. So sorry to hear about your sweet girl, sending all good vibes. You’ve been a wonderful cairn daddy and made her life a happy one.

  2. Oh, my heart just dropped reading this. You have such a special bond with Miss D. She has been blessed having you as her dad and you with her. Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.
    Fay and her girls

  3. My heart is heavy…God bless and be with you and Miss Divinity…She is truly one beautiful girl and I wish you both the best…I hope she gets to go on a boat, she will love that!!!! Hugs and love…

  4. Gosh, I never thought I’d see so much compassion on Sailing Anarchy. I’m getting a lump in my throat reading your journal. Good luck and godspeed.

    • Thanks!

      With the suggestions people have made, I will hopefully find someone to take her for a short ride.

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  6. Divinity has, and will always have, a Dad. The bond is there, the many joys still echo. My two old gals ( cairns of some stature in my mind) and I share the determination you two have to experience at least one neat activity a day.

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