Pre-Adoption Anniversary Indoor-Camping Trip

To celebrate our fifth adoption anniversary tomorrow, Divinity & I are taking an “indoor-camping trip tonight!”

Pre-Anniversary Camping Trip

I also want to take full advantage of whatever time Divinity & I have left together. Besides, we both enjoy being together on our camp outs, whether they’re indoors, or outside.

Pre-Anniversary Camping Trip

There are two short video clips of Divinity in the tent. To watch them, click on the following images.

Pre-adoption camping trip – video 1


Pre-adoption camping trip – video 2

3 responses

  1. Happy Anniversary to you both! I have always loved your indoor camping trips! What a thoughtful idea for you to do.
    Here’s hoping you have more. She was so cute in her Dairy Queen trip picture.
    Thanks for sharing! Keeping you both in my prayers.
    Fay and crew

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