Fifth Adoption Anniversary

Dad's Co-pilotToday, is the fifth anniversary of my picking up Divinity from her foster mom, and taking her home to live with me.

The photo in this post, was taken five years ago today by Divinity’s foster mom, as we were getting ready to leave to go to Divinity’s new home.

This year, has certainly had it’s ups & downs; from being selected as finalist for a Petties Award, to Divinity sadly being diagnosed with cancer.

However, we did enjoy some very fun times. We had a few adventures, and we plan on as many new adventures as possible in whatever time we have left together.

Highlights of the past year for Divinity include (this is a long list this year)

* Divinity’s blog – Finalist for a Petties Award

* Visitor from 70th Country Visits Divinity’s Blog

* Divinity requests Discounts for Senior Citizen Pets!

* Divinity in the morning mist

* A new winter outfit

* A Winter Bonnet

* Happy Birthday, Divinity

* Snowplow Supervisor

* Miss Divinity’s “Fashion Collection”

* The Fifth Annual – Mid-Winter, Indoor Camping Trip

* Divinity’s Readership: List of Visitor’s Countries

* Divinity’s movies – Moved to a new site

* Divinity – Pre-Adoption information

* Sundowner’s Syndrome

* April 3rd & 4th – more snow, and a trip to the vet

* Divinity’s Declining Health

Here are links to our past anniversary posts

* One Year Anniversary

* Two Year Adoption Anniversary

* Third Adoption Anniversary

* Fourth Adoption Anniversary


3 responses

    • Thanks, Patti & Ballard.

      Patti was my “Home Inspector” for the Col Potter rescue. Patti helped determine if I would be allowed to adopt Divinity.

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