More medication, and a visit to Dairy Queen

This week Divinity & I went to see Dr. Steve to pick up some more medicine. While we were there, I updated Dr. Steve on Divinity’s condition.

Fortunately, Divinity did not have any seizures for four days. However, on the morning of the fifth day, my little lady had a seizure that lasted longer than any have recently.

Dr. Steve said Divinity’s symptoms actually sound like liver issues. However, the liver test, along with all the other tests he performed two months ago, all came back negative. Again, invasive tests could be performed that “might” find the cause/causes of what is going inside Divinity. However, in the end, Dr. Steve believes they wouldn’t change the end result.

On a bright note, on the way home, Divinity & I stopped by Dairy Queen for a hamburgers, and a Pup-Cup. Divinity seems to be losing her appetite for French fries, but there’s still no stopping her when munching on hamburgers, or enjoying her ice cream.


4 responses

  1. The love you share is as heartwarming as any love for a little lady dog or a human. You inspire me and us all on the care and the love you give Divinity. I’m broken hearted that she is not doing better. I can imagine how you feel. Hugs, Danielle

    • Actually, I feel privileged to care for Divinity, both for the past five years, and now during her final journey.

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