Exhausted from the heat

It’s been very hot, and humid. Yesterday, temperatures were about 88 degrees (31 c) or higher.

Divinity spent most of the time resting on the bed in front of the fan. However, afternoon thunderstorms pushed the humidity up, and the best my little lady could do is seen in these photographs.

Exhausted from the HeatAlthough Divinity no longer plays with her toys, she still enjoys cuddling with them.

Exhausted from the Heat


2 responses

  1. Sweet sweet girl! Well, at least there aren’t inches upon inches of snow outside. Seems like Spring decided not to make an appearance this year. It’s nice to see Miss D resting comfortably.

    • Yup, warm weather finally arrived!

      Divinity is feeling quite well today. Last night she woke me twice to give me a kiss, and today she actually ate on her own. The medicine is working, and hopefully it will continue to work for a long time.

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