June walk in the park

Divinity & I took the opportunity of nice weather to go for a nice walk in our favorite park. Today, the sun was out, and the clouds were beautify.

June walk in the ParkActually, short runs are the best Divinity can do nowadays, but considering what’s going on inside her, I’m thrilled to see even this much!

June walk in the Park I managed to shoot two short movies of my little lady. The first is of Divinity enjoying the fresh breeze, while the second shows her on a short run.

To watch these movies of Divinity in the park, click on either of the following images.

June walk in the park


Divinity enjoying a short run



6 responses

  1. Yea, Divinity! You did a great run in the park. You look like you had a great day.

    • We sure did enjoy ourselves, and I was thrilled to watch Divinity run!

      Unfortunately, today is making up for yesterday. Divinity had another seizure in the middle of the night, and this morning she won’t eat. Hopefully, in a few hours she’ll want to eat.

    • Divinity’s not ready to give up yet, and neither is Dad!

      For those who don’t know, Steve is actually the famous Dr. Steve, and he is Divinity’s vet.

    • Thankfully, this morning after a lot of coaxing, Divinity started to eat again.

      Whatever is going on inside of her is getting worse, but my little lady is not ready to give up!

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