Divinity is struggling today. This morning my little lady didn’t want to eat again, and now this.

Divinity wanted to be close to her dad, but she didn’t have the energy to climb up into her bed. Not to worry, dad picked her up and laid her down in her bed.

StrugglingI’m hoping she’ll pull out of this, but I realize she might not. I’ll see tonight, as Divinity always perks up after she has her evening dish of ice cream.



8 responses

  1. This is just so hard to see and live with, for both of you. Miss D is lucky she has a Dad that understands that a girl needs her ice cream.
    Keeping you both in my thoughts.
    Hugs from Fay and crew

    • Divinity had more of her dinner than I thought she’d eat, which is a good thing.

      Right now Divinity’s not in any pain, she’s just very tired all the time. However, when Divinity stops eating her ice cream, I’ll know her health problems have gone critical.

  2. All my Cairn fur kids and I are thinking of and praying for Divinity.
    Lots of hugs coming Divinity’s way.


  3. I’m glad to hear Miss D ate a little better for you today. It must be hard but I’m so impressed with how you’re keeping realistic expectations and letting Divinity’s behavior guide your decisions for her care. I hope she continues to have days where she enjoys ice cream.

    • Thank you, for your kind words, and thoughts!

      Divinity ate heartily this morning, and mostly on her own. I knew it was to be a good day, as she woke me with a kiss.

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