Last weekend Divinity had quite a few seizures. Most were were mild, and only lasted a few seconds. However, a few were much longer, and were quite distressing to witness.

My landlord told me they’re not as bad for Divinity, as they are for me to watch. I think this is probably the case.

During our evening walk last night, Divinity was bouncing around as she usually does after she’s had her dish of ice cream. However, several times my little lady froze during a seizure, her body contorting itself. When the seizure was over, Divinity was once again off, and running.

Divinity does not seem to be in any pain at this point. However, dad is not having an easy time watching his beloved little lady having seizures.

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  1. Having gone through this with humans and dogs, I know how stressful and heart wrenching this is for you. Your landlord is right it’s much easier on them. Treasure each day, as I know you are.
    Bring on the ice cream princess…maybe for breakfast,too!
    Thinking of you both.
    Hugs from Fay and crew

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