Nap Time

Today, Divinity’s just been relaxing, and taking a nap.

Nap Time




8 responses

  1. Richard, please give Divinity a kiss and a hug for me. Feeling really badly for both of you with this struggle. I know you will keep her comfortable and that she will let you know when it’s time. Thank you for giving this little girl such a wonderful life. No one could have come close to how you have loved and cared for her.

    Marge Tschida

    • Thank you for your kind comments, Marge.
      Lately, Divinity’s been feeling quite well, especially after her evening dish of ice cream!
      As long as her current medication keeps working, Divinity might last much longer than expected. However, once this medication stops working, Divinity’s health will decline rapidly. When that time comes, I’ll act quickly, as I know what’s in store for her. I won’t let my little lady suffer.
      For those who don’t know, Marge was Divinity’s foster mom.

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