Divinity at Dairy Queen

Last weekend, when Patti and Bob came to visit, we went to Dairy Queen for lunch.

Here is a picture Patti took at the local Dairy Queen of Divinity standing next to her Dad, who is seated next to Bob.

Divinity & Dad with Bob

Divinity & Dad with Bob


The temperature was a bit brisk, as there was a strong wind. Dad brought a coat; Bob enjoyed being chilly.

Sadly, Divinity had no interest in either her ice cream, or her hamburgers, and five days later, she’s still not returned to her jovial self.


8 responses

  1. While it’s not the news I’d been hoping for, I do so appreciate your update on Miss D. She reminds me so much of my dog Nahbi, from the way she looks with her blonde coat with dark ear tips to her puppy mill past. I’m sorry to hear Divinity’s had a rough few days. Hoping that today she’ll enjoy her ice cream!

    • I’ve emailed Divinity’s vet about her health decline. Tomorrow I’m going to the clinic to pick up more medication for her. I’ll talk to Dr. Steve, and see what he thinks. However, after five days like this, I’m not so sure she’s going to get better.

  2. Thinking of you both. Poor Miss D, so sorry she is not doing well. When DQ doesn’t make her feel better… Thanks for keeping us posted, I know it’s so hard on you both.
    Hugs from Fay and her girls

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