A meeting with Dr. Steve

This morning I met with Dr. Steve, as it was necessary to pick up more of Divinity’s medication. While there, I took the opportunity to discuss Divinity’s declining health.

Along with more Metronidazole, Dr. Steve gave me some Neopolydex drops that are used in the eye to treat bacterial infections, and swelling or inflammation as a result of an infection. Divinity’s had a problem in her right eye for a while now, and it was time for strong medication.

Divinity’s health has not returned to the level it was six days ago. Dr. Steve does not believe Divinity’s health will return to its former state.

Divinity not feeling well

Divinity not feeling well


While Steve and I were talking, I brought up the subject of when to schedule the final visit. It’s not time yet, but that time is approaching. I’d rather it be too early, than to wait too long, and have my little lady in pain. However today, Divinity is playful, which is something she’s not been for a week. Divinity’s not ready for me to schedule that final visit.

Note: The photo in this post was taken yesterday, and Divinity was not in any pain. Divinity is feeling better today.

2 responses

  1. Thanks for the update. A difficult time, and never gets easier worrying about the true right moment. ( if that makes sense) Glad to hear Miss D is feeling better today. I know she has a bowl of ice cream waiting!
    Hugs from Fay and her girls

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