A Smiling Divinity

After yesterday’s post. I thought I’d best post some photo’s of my little lady smiling.

These photo’s were taken yesterday morning. As you can see, Divinity does still have moments of happiness, and joy.

If you look closely at her eyes, you can see the gunk which has accumulated around them. This is caused by an infection, and will clear up after a few days of using the Neopolydex eye drops, prescribed by Dr. Steve.

A Smiling Divinity

As long as my little lady keeps smiling like this, I’ll know she’s not ready for her final journey. Unfortunately, these moments are occurring further, and further apart.

A Smiling Divinity

7 responses

  1. Those pictures bring a smile to my face! Thinking of you and Miss D and hoping you’re enjoying another day of smiles.

    • Divinity slept most of the day.

      However, she did give her dad a few kisses, and on our evening walk, she bounced a few times which was nice to see.

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