Tired most of the time

Divinity is now tired most of the time. My little lady is sleeping more, and she is not even as active as she was two weeks ago.

Divinity is also stumbling a lot. It seems the weaker she gets, the more she stumbles.

Divinity with her toy On an interesting note, after a few years of not playing with her toys, Divinity has been really taken with a toy she received last Christmas. It’s not unusual to see her cuddling with this toy.


I’ve made a short movie. Fortunately, Divinity was not stumbling as she is now doing so often.


9 responses

  1. My Cairn girl is slowing down too though she hasn’t had the rough beginning Divinity had. We send you lots of warm fuzzies and happy days in the sun.

    • Divinity was on a tear this morning.

      She wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t let me dress her to go out, she wouldn’t anything!

      Fortunately, after sleeping some more, Divinity’s much better.

    • Actually, Divinity still moves right along compared to how she was when I first got her, though the “spring in her step” has mostly vanished.

  2. Oh sweet little Miss D! As hard as it is to watch her gentle decline, there is something bittersweet in being given the time to slowly say goodbye. My thoughts are with you and your sweet little lady.

    As an aside, has her vet given any thought into a course of steroids? I don’t know anything about her medical condition so I could be completely off base but sometimes prednisone can help perk dogs up for a short while.

    • Divinity is getting the finest treatment she can get. However, it has been decided that beyond her current treatment, to let nature take it’s course.

      Dragging this out, would only make the end painful for my little lady, and I won’t do that to her.

      • I think that’s totally fair. Again, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I really admire the thought and care you’ve put into your decision-making process for Miss D’s care. She’s lucky to have found such an amazing dad!

  3. I echo others sweet thoughts about Miss D. Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.
    Soft scritches to her.
    Fay and her girls

    • Thanks, Fay.

      Another turn seem to be occurring. Divinity has not wanted to eat in the mornings in days, and she’s vomited a bit several times.

      Dr. Steve looked concerned when I mentioned vomiting, as it’s not a good sign. I know that when Divinity first got sick she vomited nearly every day. It’s not normal looking either. Hopefully, she’ll stop; if not, I know what to expect.

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