A Pork Chop Dinner

Yesterday, my day started at 3:00am when Divinity woke me as she wanted some attention. For much of the day, Divinity was tired, and seemed not to feel good, so to cheer her up, I cooked a special dinner.

Waiting for DinnerA visit to the local butcher shop was in order; I bought two pork chops. One seasoned for me, and one plain one for my little lady.

Normally, Divinity loves spicy food, but as her illness progresses, I think it best to serve her unseasoned meals. These chops were quite large, about an inch thick, and will provide multiple meals for both of us. The side dish consisted of peas, which we both enjoy.

Pork Chops


5 responses

    • Divinity loved the pork chop, which is good as she has several more meals to go before she finishes it.

      However, she seems to be loosing her taste for spicy Portuguese sausage. Her loss, is my gain!

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