A Close Cuddle

Last night Divinity snuggled in a close-cuddle; most of the night using my arm as a pillow. Divinity was not in any pain that I could detect.

Cuddling this close is something Divinity’s not done since she first got sick, now about three months ago. At that time, I told Dr. Steve how the night before I brought her in for examination, she had literally slept on top of me. Dr. Steve thought that was Divinity’s way of asking her dad to “fix” her.

Mid-Morning WalkThis morning, during our first walk, Divinity bounced around for a few minutes. However, and this has become normal behavior, Divinity tired quickly, and will spend most of her day sleeping.

Sleeping on her toyI managed to make a movie during our mid-morning walk; the video is of Divinity meandering up to her dad. I hope you enjoy watching this movie.

4 responses

    • Thanks!

      As expected, Divinity has slept most of today.

      However, she should pick up a bit after she has her evening dish of ice cream! I mix her dementia medicine in with her evening treat, but don’t tell her.

  1. Nothing better then a cuddle,when you don’t feel good.
    Glad to hear she is still enjoying her dish of ice cream.
    All the best,
    Fay and her girls

    • Divinity doesn’t want to spoil me. To make up for the close-cuddle Thursday night, last night she spent the entire night in her own bed.

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