Tired a lot, so time for another pork chop

Divinity’s getting even more tired lately, and her seizures have been regular, and awful to witness during the past 24-hours. My little lady is now sleeping about 70% of the day, most, but not all days. Once again, Divinity was so tired she was not able to climb into her bed.

Lack of Energy

Along with exhaustion, Divinity’s not been eating as she should, so once again it was off the butcher shop for another pork chop.

This time mine was a Tennessee Spicy Chop. As usual, I purchased a plain chop for Divinity. The following photo shows Divinity’s big smile after she smelled her chop cooking in the oven.

I Can smell my Chop

Divinity & I want to thank Isanti Retail Meats for their tasty steaks & chops.
More Pork Chops


4 responses

  1. So sorry to hear about Miss D’s bad days. So hard and worrisome for her dad,too.
    Really love the cute picture of her smelling her pork chop cooking! Dang, they look good! Wish I had a butcher shop like that.
    Thinking of you both and keeping in my prayers.
    Fay and her crew

  2. Quite honestly, I’m surprised Divinity’s still with me. She’s a trooper, and is not about to give up!

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