A nice walk through a small park

This morning, Divinity & I went for a nice walk in a small park. Normally, this park is busy which neither of us like. However, today the park was empty, so we took advantage of the situation, and enjoyed ourselves.

Walk in a Small Park

The temperature was comfortably warm, but as you can see in the photo’s, Divinity was still slightly overheated. I believe this comes from the lack of energy she now has, and that puts a strain on her system.

Walk in a Small Park

Several times I backed a bit too far away for Divinity’s aging eyes to see me. Not to worry, as soon as I noticed, I quickly walked up to my little lady to calm her of any fear.

Walk in a Small Park

Watch the video of Divinity enjoying this nice park.

8 responses

  1. So nice to see Miss D toddling about!
    Glad your weather is better then ours, we were 112 on Tuesday. Cooler today 101…. At least it’s not humid.
    Thanks for sharing. I have been thinking of you both. Keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.
    Fay and crew

    • The temperature is forecast to rise over the next few days, so Divinity won’t be doing as well as she has recently.

      However, it was great to see my little lady stroll through such a nice park today.

  2. Dear Miss D and dad, I will going to Lassen park in the mts for a week. To get out of the heat, there isn’t any wifi.
    Please Miss D,you hang in there. Hope your days are calm and happy. Have a pork chop for me.
    Thinking of you.
    Fay and her girls, all 4 critters heading to the hills

    • The hills sounds better than your sweltering heat!

      There is another Pork Chop scheduled for Divinity sometime early next week. I’ll be sure to take a photo of it for you.

  3. Happy Belated 4th! Just sent Bob’s brother and his family back to CA after a nice week long (and whirlwind) visit… Good to see them but great to be back on schedule again!

    Glad to see Divinity is enjoying getting out a little bit too!


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