Switching from Hamburger’s to Pork Chops

Drive-thru DivaAbout five years ago, Divinity went through a McDonald’s drive-thru for the first time. This was the first time I know of, that Divinity smelled grease from cooking hamburgers & fries.

As you can see in this photo that was taken five years ago at McDonald’s, my calm little lady went bonkers over the smell, and odor of frying food.

For several years after, I called Divinity my “Drive-Thru Diva.”

Well five years on, Divinity has finally tired of hamburgers. My little lady’s new favorite is a pork chop. Now dad is not complaining, after five years of eating hamburger’s I’m tired of them myself, and pork chops are a long-time favorite.

Fortunately, there is a very nice butcher shop a few miles away, and they sell both plain, and seasoned chops. Now I won’t be cooking pork chops but once a week, but that one chop will feed my little lady for several days.

Cancer has diminished Divinity’s appetite. However, after months of struggling to find a food Divinity would enjoy, she is now eating heartily.




5 responses

    • Pork is a bit salty, but at this point, it’s better to have Divinity eating something.

      I had been making multiple meals, at each meal, trying to find something Divinity would eat.

  1. I read every one of your updates, and pray for many more days. I think the way you cook your pork is great, and pork is so lean today that this is a good choice. Your little Lady and you are both on my Prayer list daily. You both have many friends. Danielle

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