Going Barefoot

As an experiment, Divinity went for a walk without wearing her boots. I wanted to see if my little lady would stumble, and trip without them.

Going Barefoot

Going Barefoot


Unfortunately, Divinity stumbled, and tripped nearly as much with her boots off, as she does with them on. However, she did manage to keep herself upright, though she’s tripped several times, but hasn’t fallen for a few days.

Going Barefoot

Where are my boots?


Divinity wears boots all the time, as her feet are very sensitive from standing on wire cage bottoms for her first nine years. Boots allow Divinity to feel comfortable, as she finds walking barefoot, even on grass, to be uncomfortable.

Going Barefoot

I prefer to wear boots!


Divinity strolled by the pasture to say hello to her horse friends.

Strolling by the pasture

Strolling by the pasture



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