A weakening in her hind legs

This morning as I was dressing her, Divinity sat back on her bottom, seemingly unable to stand.

Several times this past week, Divinity’s had trouble lifting herself up onto my bed, which is all of seven inches off the floor. Yes, I actually sleep on a futon on the floor. Sleeping on the floor makes it easier for Divinity to climb in, and out of bed as she pleases.

Divinity’s cancer is generally situated in her lower half, and I’m attributing her recent difficulty in standing, to her gradually weakening condition.

However, as usual, once we were outside, my lady gave a little run. Not far mind you, but enough to show her dad that she’s still got it in her.

Divinity is one tough little lady!


6 responses

  1. As always keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers. Hope the cooler weather is also helping Miss D to be a little more comfortable. You really take the most thoughtful care of her.
    Still triple digits here, with smoke from a huge fire.
    Soft scritches to Miss D.
    Fay and her girls

    • We just came in from our mid-morning walk. Divinity stumbled & tripped a bit, but didn’t fall.

      As I said, Divinity is one tough lady!

  2. Divinity, we Cairns are super tough. Sometimes that’s a good thing and other times not so good. I keep you in my thoughts…and I read every time you post even if I do not leave a comment.
    *Cairn cuddles*

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