Lost in Space

Today, during our mid-morning walk, Divinity stopped, and just stared into nowhere. This lasted for more than five minutes before she decided to move.

Along with cancer, Divinity also suffers from dementia, etc, etc, etc. All of Divinity’s medical problems are increasing in intensity as time goes on.

Lost in SpaceAfter waiting patiently for five minutes, I walked up to my little lady, picked up her front half, and asked her if she was OK. Divinity’s answer was a nice “nibble-kiss” on my nose that she does when she is especially affectionate.

This is a very difficult time for dad. I don’t want to do the deed too soon, but then I don’t want to wait too long either, and have Divinity in pain.

Lost in SpaceTomorrow, if the weather cooperates, we’ll be taking a nice day-trip that I’ll write about after. If not tomorrow, then hopefully we’ll be going no later then Monday.

Lost in Space


7 responses

  1. Hey Miss D, I have those very same moments. Not fun for your dad,tho.
    Hope you both are able to have a special day trip tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing about it!
    Thinking of you.
    Fay and crew

    • Thanks…

      The weather here is just not cooperating. It was forecast to be mostly sunny today. Instead, it’s been heavily overcast. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

  2. Our Gina is 19 and a CP girl. She is in renal failure and gets her fluids every day. We have the same senior moments in our house as Divinity has. Our vet says she is is no pain and I believe him. She sleeps a lot but still loves to eat. My uncle had dementia but still enjoyed his life for many years. It was not alzheimer’s but only dementia. I figure if our Gina still likes to eat and go outside and still smell the flowers then she is entitled to the next day. I pray some night she will just quietly sleep away. Until that day comes or she is in pain I am so glad she enjoys her food and smelling her flowers. It sounds like Divinity and Gina are at the same stage in their loving lives.
    Take care Divinity and tell Dad how good the flowers smell and how pretty that sky looks when you are “stopping to smell the roses!”

    Gina Nicolay

    • Thanks for the story, Gina. I understand…

      This was the first time Divinity blanked out during the day. Usually, it’s on our very first walk which is between 4:30am to 5:00am, and she always stops right under the tree cover where the bugs are located.

      Unfortunately, besides dementia, Divinity has cancer, but with her medication, she is not in any pain, at least for the moment.

      Divinity is a very different dog than she was even four months ago. I too sometimes hope she goes quietly in her sleep. However, my vet doesn’t think that likely.

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