A trip to the St. Croix River

Yesterday, Divinity & I went for a ride to Wisconsin, to see the St. Croix River.

Enjoying her Ride


We stopped at an overlook, just north of the Taylor Falls.

Divinity at the Overlook


Here is the view of the St Croix River looking North

St Croix River


Here is the view of the St Croix River looking South

St Croix River


Divinity enjoyed the ride, but at an hour each way, it seems to have been too much for her.

Totally Beat


After more than five years of traveling around Minnesota, and maybe six, or more trips to both Wisconsin and South Dakota, two trips to Canada and North Dakota, and one trip to Iowa, it seems that our days of long odysseys together are over. From now till Divinity’s passing, we’ll keep to rides around our local area.

Watch the movie of Divinity enjoying the ride in the car to the St Croix River.



8 responses

  1. Dear Miss D and dad, so glad you were able to go on your road trip! Precious memories and pictures. Thanks for sharing, it is a lovely countryside. Miss D has had quite the adventures over the years and in the first picture looks so cute,checking out the sights once again.
    All the best,
    Fay and her girls

  2. I think the good fresh air may have made Divinity sleepy. It always makes me sleepy on the way home from a nice car trip. I sure am glad you had a nice day for a ride.

    Gina Nicolay and Mom

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