Divinity’s Eye Infection Returns

Yesterday, Divinity’s right eye infection flared up again, so this morning I called the clinic, and asked for a refill of the antibiotic that had been prescribed for this infection.

In June, Dr. Steve gave Divinity Neopolydex eye drops. Those drops seemed to clear up the infection. However, after a month, the infection returned. This time, Dr. Heather prescribed Bacitracin ointment.

Sleeping on the way to the Vets

Sleeping on the way to the Vets


Dr. Heather is the wife of the world famous Dr. Steve, and is the co-veterinarian at Kivisto Vet Clinic in Princeton, Minnesota.

While we were talking, I took the opportunity to ask Dr. Heather about my assumption that as her cancer progressed, Divinity would increasingly develop various infections, that never quite go away. Dr. Heather confirmed my suspicion.

My little lady is sleeping more as the days go by, and her illness takes its toll. Divinity slept for most of the ride to the vets this morning. As you can see, my little lady rested her head on her dad’s arm.


5 responses

  1. Such a sweet picture of Miss D.
    I just found out my 4 year old cairn girl,Bailey has lymphoma. I am in shock and disbelief.
    These girls just hold our hearts.
    Thinking of you both and once again thank-you for sharing.
    Fay and her girls

    • Divinity’s medication is working quite well, and her eye is healing nicely.

      Sorry to hear about Bailey!

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